Community ExtensionSwap

Extensions are packages of functionality that can be added to DataCleaner. The extension architecture serves as an easy way to allow third-party functionality to be added to the application. On these pages you can browse the available extensions and install them with just a few very simple steps.

Batch Emailing tools

Turn DataCleaner into an email marketing communication tool!
Leverage the batch processing power of DataCleaner into archieving something completely different - batch emailing!
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ElasticSearch for DataCleaner

Harness the power of ElasticSearch in this DC extension for search
This DataCleaner extension provides the ability to build and search in any ElasticSearch search index. It's very useful for any situation where you need to...
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Fill pattern analyzer

A DataCleaner plugin for analyzing the fill patterns of records
This DataCleaner plugin adds an analyzer which helps you discover the patterns of how fields/columns are filled. For example:
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Groovy DataCleaner

Make your DataCleaner groovier with the Groovy language
This extension integrates the powerful Groovy programming language into DataCleaner. Use it as a superior scripting language for advanced transformation...
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Send messages through Apache Kafka
This enables DataCleaner to send messages through Apache Kafka.
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Mark rows as ...

Mark/tag/annotate rows after validation and filtering
Sometimes you just want to check how many rows pass through a particular filtering condition. Typically because a validation is set up with a filter or a...
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Sample extension

An example for extension developers
This extension is simply an advanced "Hello world" extension, provided for developers and other interested people to get acquainted with the DataCleaner...
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XML tools for DataCleaner

Additional tools for manipulating XML content with DataCleaner.
Sometimes you have XML content in your database or data files that needs transformation or extraction of certain values to process them individually.
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Build extensions!

We have several developer resources available for you, if you're interested in building your own extensions.

Extensions can be built to archieve just about any task in DataCleaner. For instance:

... And when you build it, we of course encourage you to submit it to the ExtensionSwap for everyone to use it ...

Submit extensions!

Please send us a simple contact notice if you have an extension to submit. We will help you with the rest!