Extension: Sample extension

An example for extension developers

Author: deleted user
Registered: 2011-06-27
Downloads: 594

Installation instructions

Click the "Install" button to automatically install the extension on a running DataCleaner application!
Or download the extension as a JAR file and manually install it in DataCleaner's Options dialog.


This extension is simply an advanced "Hello world" extension, provided for developers and other interested people to get acquainted with the DataCleaner extension Application Programming Interface (API).

The source code for the extension is provided at the eobjects.org SVN servers, so you can easily check it out, modify it and run it locally as well as install it here from the ExtensionSwap!

svn checkout http://eobjects.org/svn/DataCleaner/tags/DataCleaner-2.2/DataCleaner-sample-extension/ DC-sample-extension
cd DC-sample-extension
mvn clean install

Please post your feedback and comments, so we can improve the first-time developer experience of the DataCleaner extension API.