Extension: Groovy DataCleaner

Make your DataCleaner groovier with the Groovy language

Author: deleted user
Registered: 2012-12-07
Downloads: 508

Installation instructions

Click the "Install" button to automatically install the extension on a running DataCleaner application!
Or download the extension as a JAR file and manually install it in DataCleaner's Options dialog.


This extension integrates the powerful Groovy programming language into DataCleaner. Use it as a superior scripting language for advanced transformation types.

Currently includes two transformations:

  • The simple transformer which allows adding just a simple Groovy class to execute for each record. This is applicable in situations similar to the JavaScript transformer, except it also allows keeping state in-between individual record transformations.
  • The advanced transformer which also includes the ability to control output collection. Using this transformer you can map an input record to any number of output records - or to no records at all. Very useful for map-reduce like transformations.