Extension: Batch Emailing tools

Turn DataCleaner into an email marketing communication tool!

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Registered: 2014-05-31
Downloads: 259

Installation instructions

Click the "Install" button to automatically install the extension on a running DataCleaner application!
Or download the extension as a JAR file and manually install it in DataCleaner's Options dialog.


Leverage the batch processing power of DataCleaner into archieving something completely different - batch emailing!

This extension let's you automate a lot of the work that needs to be done when you have to send out batch emails, for instance for campaigns, periodic system controling and alerting, and marketing use-cases.

The extension allows you to define the email contents both statically or dynamically. You can use template files and define content in both plain text or HTML emails.

So why turn your data quality tool into a batch emailing tool? Well the answer is simple - because a good emailing campaign requires good data quality about your recepients, and we hope you will take this seriously by taking an integrated approach to data quality and batch emailing!